New CEO and a re-organized board for Bone Index Ltd. - Boneindex
New CEO and a re-organized board for Bone Index Ltd.

One of the founders of Bone Index Oy, Ossi Riekkinen, has announced that he will leave his duties as CEO but will continue as the owner of the company. The company’s board has appointed the company’s second founder, Doctor of Medical Physics Janne Karjalainen, as the new CEO from February 1, 2023.

Janne Karjalainen is motivated to take charge. “On behalf of the owners and our entire staff, I thank Ossi for his work. It is now time for us to take the next step in growth and I believe that with new Board Members and a motivated team, we can reach the targeted growth.”

The new chairman of the company’s board is Tero Silvola. Mr. Silvola is currently working as the CEO of the BC Platforms company he founded in Switzerland. Janne Koskinen, CEO of Sonar Oy, who will start as the second new member, has extensive experience in management positions in the pharmaceutical industry and health technology in Finland and elsewhere in Europe. In addition, CEO Janne Karjalainen and Idea Start Group’s Jussi Harju will join the company’s board. Harju brings in extensive experience in developing and marketing international brands.

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