Osteoporosis - Boneindex

“Globally only 25% of osteoporotic patients have been diagnosed.”

For Physicians and Nurses

Osteoporosis is an extremely underdiagnosed disease. There are approximately 200 million osteoporotic patients globally, of whom only 25% have been diagnosed with the disease.

Early osteoporosis diagnostic tests aim at finding the disease and beginning the treatment before the first bone fracture has even occurred. So far, bone density is the only measurable parameter in regards to osteoporosis. At the present, diagnostics are performed with DXA (X-ray) devices; an expensive method, which also requires a physician referral.

Bindex® is – in addition to DXA devices – the only device that can be used for osteoporosis diagnostics with international guidelines (ISCD) and the Finnish Current Care Guidelines (04/2014).

Bindex® is applied by measuring the cortical thickness of tibia. The results, combined with other patient data, are used to estimate the hip region’s bone mineral density. Bone mineral density values (g/cm2) are normally only received via the large DXA devices used in hospitals.

Bindex®’s quickness and simplicity make its use possible in high volume risk group screenings. It makes the identification of an osteoporosis risk possible before the first bone fracture has even occurred. Thus, it both improves the patient’s quality of life and saves on public health care expenses.

Please refer to user manual for further information on the use of Bindex.

For Patients

Osteoporosis is a bone disease, in which reduced bone density has led to a more fragile skeletal structure, making the patient’s bones more prone to fractures. It is most common among post-menopause females.

The most important measures to preventing osteoporosis lie in exercise, avoidance of falls, and the consumption of sufficient amounts of Calcium and Vitamin D.

A patient’s quality of life can be improved by diagnosing and treating the disease at its early stage. Expenses to both the patient and the society are greatly reduced by giving the patients sufficient care before the first osteoporosis-caused bone fracture has even occurred.

Bindex®measurement is a reliable, quick and safe way to examine the health of one’s bones. The measurement consists of a painless ultrasound scan of the left tibia (shinbone).

The results are gained instantly, and the patient can be immediately referred for further treatment, if necessary.