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Bone Index Finland Oy
Savilahdentie 14, 70700 Kuopio, Finland
puh. +358 50 448 1696

Bone Index Finland Ltd.
3710 Rawlins St., Suite 1420, Dallas, TX 75219, USA

Regional Sales


Pro-Motion Medical BV
Daltonstraat 13
NL-3335 LR Zwijndrecht
Phone: +31 78 6293050


Ikon Healthcare
2751 Hennepin Avenue #212
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Phone: 970.306.7452


Our emails:

Janne Karjalainen

CEO, Founder

+358 45 896 2650


Tero Silvola

Chairman of the Board

Tero Silvola (b. 1971) is Board Member and CEO of BC Platforms (Switzerland), Board member of Scope Impact (Finland) and Board Member of Nova Discovery (France). He is the owner of Riverpark Oy, an investment and development company co-operating mainly within the Healthcare and Life Science IT and healthcare start-ups.

Mr. Silvola is a founder of Mawell Oy Ltd, a software enterprise that was one of the fastest growing Health Care IT companies in Scandinavia from 2001 to 2010. Silvola is also a founder of Hospital NEO, which became one of the leading Orthopaedics Hospitals in the Nordics and is now part of Mehiläinen Healthcare Group.

Mr. Silvola holds a M.Sc. degree in Economics.

Janne Koskinen

Board Member

Janne Koskinen (b.1969) is the Managing Director Sonar Oy, leading expert of health care and industrial imaging devices, offering distribution of medical devices and services for equipment investments. Janne has over 20 years of experience in medical device and pharma distribution, sales, business development and management positions.

Jussi Harju

Board Member

Jussi Harju (b. 1968), Board member. Mr. Harju has over 30 years’ experience as a founder and owner of several companies on marketing, communication and market insight branches.

He works as a CEO of marketing agency W.Steinmann and is a board member of several startup companies. In Board of Bone Index Ltd. he represents Idea Start Group.

Advisory Board

Heikki Kröger

Professor (dept. of orthopedics and traumatology), Kuopio University Hospital.

Heikki is an internationally valued osteoporosis researcher and he has a long experience of clinical diagnostics and treatment of osteoporosis. He and his research group have published more than 300 original papers on osteoporosis and other musculoskeletal diseases. He has also acted as a member of Finnish current care guidelines group. Heikki brings excellent scientific knowledge of osteoporosis and its diagnostics into Bone Index Finland Ltd.

Robin Raff

Marketing & Medicare

Ms. Robin Raff is an outstanding expert of US healthcare, former Director of National Medicare Marketing for Kaiser Permanente and Founder/CEO of Pulse Healthcare Marketing. Raff has long and extensive experience leading marketing strategy to the 50+ and Medicare segments. She also has a very strong network in the healthcare sector and a strong passion to help the US aging population.

Bone Index Finland Ltd.

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